Monday, August 6, 2007


This came up in the last post, and so it's worth saying something about. So the road I live on, the one that goes towards Sankey Tank, used to be called Sankey Road, but it is now Chowdaiah Road. There is a drive all across India to name things less British sounding names, and I imagine the newspapers and such will be mentioning this more as we approach August 15, when the American expats in India will celebrate with the Indian citizens our collective history of saying in the clearest possible terms that we would like the British to leave, please.

Anyway, it seems that the city itself has finally managed such a name swap, even though it took a few years and approval from something like 18 agencies (due to the simply stunning power of Indian bureaucracy), and is now properly Bengaluru. I'm all for it, even if it means that my domain name is already obsolete :).


Coley said...

Eh, it was still Bangalore when you got there and you're leaving soon, right? It's not as if you knew they were going to change the name when you got there.

Casanova said...

:o you live on cunningham road rob! cunningham road!

Rob said...

Point taken, I live on Cunningham Road near its intersection with Chowdaiah Road. I trust you'll forgive me for the slight imprecision :)