Friday, June 29, 2007

Busy week into busy weekend

Gosh things have been busy! A couple of updates.

  • Last weekend I reserved my copy of Harry Potter Book 7. I get it at 5 AM July 21st, which is to say 4.5 hours before it will be available for you Eastern Daylight Time suckers.

  • I'm heading to Hampi this weekend with Prasad, Nels, and Jason - Christian got sick and Pavol got busy.

  • My mentor, Aditya, has a new son! His wife had a baby a week ago, sorry I didn't blog about that!

  • I got the Harry Potter reservation (pictured above) last weekend when we went down to the main drag (M-G Road). M-G stands for "Mahatma Gandhi," and some of us Americans think it's strange that it's not called "Ghandi Road," but coming from a city where Ponce is a road I suppose I have little room to complain. My Misc. India album now has pictures of us bowling, and of the aftermath of an apparently fatal windstorm near M-G road.

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