Saturday, June 9, 2007

Where I Am

Where am I? I realized pretty quickly that I didn't know much of anything about how to answer this question beyond "In Bangalore, India." Luckily, I have the internet and an unusual landmark right outside my window: a golf course! Google Maps only located two of these in the city - a golf course in the middle of an urban area is already kind of unusual, so this didn't surprise me.

After I found me, I speculated that I might be able to find Microsoft's offices, based on a fuzzy memory of how I was driven here from there last night, so I took a walk, which was thwarted by a wrong turn and the fact that I need to break in these new shoes.

Here is a map of the walk which includes my apartment and where I currently believe I would be, were I Microsoft Research India.

I also think that my address may involve 28/1 Cunningham Road, 560 052, but that is not yet enough information to do anything with. I'll see.

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